The outcome presented quantities of PCM notably determined by the kind off relationship (H(2) = ; p =

The outcome presented quantities of PCM notably determined by the kind off relationship (H(2) = ; p =

Moral Factors

Every ethical points were secured, according to guidelines out of Solution Zero. of your own Ministry from Fitness. Its perform try authorized by the Stability and you will Look Chamber off new Centro de- Filosofia e Ciencias Humanas of your Universidade Federal do Rio de- Janeiro (UFRJ) (CAAE Zero. 03490118.8. and Protocol Zero. step three.). To the front page of your own on the internet questionnaire, there was the latest Free and you can Told Consent Term (FICT), and this showed information regarding the dangers and you can advantages of responding the new analysis, and the ensure off withdrawal out of concur, without bias at any moment. Solely those users which checked the brand new consent solution had the means to access the analysis articles. Individuals who failed to look at the concur choice was rerouted so you can the termination of the fresh new questionnaire.

To analyze possible variations in PCM and NCM, depending on the sociodemographic variables: sex, occupation, care of more youthful siblings, presence or lack of a partner, and achieving or not which have children, evaluations anywhere between groups have been made with the Mann-Whitney U sample ( Dining table step one).

In the 1st, the connection anywhere between PCM and you will NCM was examined and it also is actually unearthed that PCM (Yards = ; DP = ) correlates negatively towards NCM (Meters = ; DP = ); p =

Statistically significant differences with small effect sizes were found in PCM in three categories tested: occupation (U = 37; p = .035; PS est = .47), presence/absence of partner (U = 10; p = .000; PS est = .29) and presence/absence of children (U = 21; p = .002; PS est = .44). It was observed that the participants who were unemployed (Mdn = ) prova detta, who had one or more children (Mdn = ) and who were in a relationship (Mdn = ); had significantly higher levels of PCM than people who worked (Mdn = ), who had no children (Mdn = ) and who did not have a relationship (Mdn = ).

On the other hand, NCM indicated statistically significant differences with small effect sizes related to sex (U = 19; p = .000; PS est = .43) and the presence/absence of children (U = 10; p = .000; PS est = .34). It was observed that both women (Mdn = ) as for the participants who do not have children (Mdn = ) have significantly higher levels of NCM than men (Mdn = ) and participants with children (Mdn = ).

Based on the results obtained in the comparison between people who are or are not in a stable relationship, we tested the possible differences in PCM according to the type of relationship using the Kruskal Wallis test. 000). Mann-Whitney tests were used to follow up on this finding. A Bonferroni correction was applied and all effects were tested at the .02 level. PCM levels showed no differences between people who were dating and people who were married or in a stable union (U = 29; p = .039; PS est = .47). However, statistically significant differences were found in PCM levels between married and in a stable union (U = 5; p = .000; PS est = .41), of which married people (Mdn = ) had higher levels of PCM when compared to people who were in a stable union (Mdn = ).

Several Spearman correlations was in fact held. 000; roentgen = -.494; roentgen dos = .24. About 2nd studies the new dating anywhere between PCM, NCM and you can 16 private and you may contextual variables was basically examined and will get noticed into the Desk dos. Weak associations was located each other negative and positive between PCM or NCM and you can a dozen of one’s variables checked out. Particularly the fresh new sociodemographic variables: “amount of siblings” and “beginning purchase” and also the character activities: “conscientiousness” and “visibility to experience” displayed zero significant correlations that have PCM and you can NCM.

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