But if their wife is actually looking forward to your having you to [an excellent condom] it is rather impractical he’ll make use of it

But if their wife is actually looking forward to your having you to [an excellent condom] it is rather impractical he’ll make use of it

A lot of men and you may women the same indexed that every people do not see the goal in making use of good condom while pregnant since the lady is already pregnant. Very everyone connected faith certainly one of couples so you can condom use, declaring one to people that do not play with condoms trust one another. Additionally, condom explore during pregnancy elicited concerns about infidelity and, because of this, was not ideal out of notice about Zika cures. Instance, when you are highlighting on what one perform envision concerning having fun with a great condom, one to pregnant woman conveyed, “…Why should we need to fool around with a good condom beside me in the event the you are my lady while live within my household? You’re doing things external [our house]. That’s what most guys here believe.” An additional FGD that have low-women that are pregnant that woman shared,

90 percent of males try unfaithful. It’s similar to 90-9 percent. And when it log off and have now an excursion [affair] which have a female that is infected that have Zika, he may take it back once again to our home.

Similarly, several low-pregnant women inside a FGD said another, in response to help you if partners could use condoms during pregnancy,

In one single FGD, men supported the new impact that using condoms was regarding the unfaithfulness from the noting it is well-known for males as being unfaithful and condoms would be accustomed avoid the sexual alert regarding ailment and problems on their mate or priple, in another FGD, two dudes said

Participant eight: You have to fool around with a condom and also having an individual’s companion you must put it to use to end of several conditions toward highway available because dudes don’t possess a banner [insinuating cheating].

Such as for example, one-man listed, “I use they [condom] having precaution. However with my spouse I don’t make use of it [condom].” Additionally, when requested by the facilitator regarding feasibility of utilizing a great condom during pregnancy, several dudes when you look at the a great FGD said,

New member 7: It is sometimes complicated once the just after she actually is currently pregnant by the some one how would be the fact man attending use a good condom pursuing the lady is actually pregnant by you…

Fellow member dos: You to depends. If the, such as for example, the lady has already been pregnant and, immediately following she had pregnant, you already been and possess ill out of Zika, now you must to utilize a condom to end delivering their own ill.

Participant 5: Yes, I go along with your. But in preserving the marriage, it’s best never to utilize it. As to why? When you are attending go now that your lady was expecting, and you tell their, “we’ll make use of this condom” she is going to inform you, “That you become that have? Where was basically your?” And you may this woman is perhaps not going venezuelansk kone rГёr to wish to have anything to would along with you… Therefore that is what After all that it is quite difficult.

Whenever extremely individuals discussed staying away from good condom while pregnant, nonetheless they have a tendency to introduced brand new concern about trust anywhere between couples, attitudes or event from unfaithfulness-since there is need not explore condoms to stop pregnancy-and you can preserving the relationship

Fellow member 5: It [condoms] work given that both you’re on new streets and you perform in a different way than simply you do in the home, you are sure that me personally, and you may one bacterium or things might be stopped.

Fellow member cuatro: Yes, it really is eg he says because the our company is extremely guys therefore we spend time on the street. We can make mistakes so we can also be belong to something, what type does not want during that time and you may slip. Incase we arrived at our home, such as for instance, toward lady, and you have to think.

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