Geographic length happens to be a big hindrance you to sets apart partners within the tremendously diminishing industry

Geographic length happens to be a big hindrance you to sets apart partners within the tremendously diminishing industry

Thank god there are smartphones. Youngsters, particularly in urban areas, comprise most of the user base for smartphones and tablets.

Just as they cannot stay away from their lovers, friends and families, separation from their smartphones too is unthinkable for Gen Y. But these nifty modern devices go far beyond just powering conversations. There are the obvious and ubiquitous apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber and Skype that almost every smartphone user installs.

But here are 10 lesser known apps that can help geographically distanced lovers spend some quality time together virtually and extend the concept of sharing.

step 1. Couples

Couple is an awesome way to stay connected to the person you love. The app makes it easy to share life’s simple things and moments with each other. Couple creates a separate timeline where lovers can post videos, pictures and messages.

The app offers multiple outlets to bond including in-app games. An interesting but a relatively less popular app, is quite a boon for all lovers separated by distances. It is available on both Android and iOS.

dos. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is a messenger platform that enables partners to stay connected with each other through text and voice calls. Nimbuzz also allows partners to buy gifts within the platform to celebrate occasions or simply their relationship. One can send their loved ones gifts like diamond ring, red bouquet and a necklace to make them feel special.

The app consumes less data which means that all your sweet talk with your loved one isn’t going to burn a hole through your pocket. Nimbuzz is equipped with cool features that make conversations even more fun and entertaining.

3. Long way

Long Distance allows partners to keep track of their long distance relations. The simple interface of the app keeps a countdown of next meetings; partner’s Twitter account and also allow users to share photographs and sweet memories.

The app is enabled with shortcut buttons that make calling and messaging each other an easy affair. Long Distance also pares the distance between the partners. Long Distance is a paid app available for Rs 55 in iOS App Store worth that’s worth every single rupee.

cuatro. Evernote

Evernote was quite a popular platform. Each person utilize it for several reasons. You can use it as the a note-getting app that allows couples so you’re able to pencil off every little detail they want to contemplate on the both, otherwise its matchmaking.

Evernote also allows profiles so you’re able to package shock people and you can check outs, or just lay out view this option wants to express later. Available all over the majority of around three significant areas eg Android, ios and you will Window, Evernote is often over a convenient tool.

5. Handwritten

The sole purpose of which ios software will be to enable you to current email address emails printed in your own squiggly handwriting provide their texts you to private touch. Break out of your own typical email and postal mail exchanges having an initial (no matter if averagely illegible) note. They produces effortlessly though you are just using their finger, however, that have a great stylus certainly helps.

six. Purple Stamp

Can’t wait a little for a welcome card’s beginning, and you will telegrams is inactive anyway? Yellow Stamp try a free of charge ios application that enables that publish your customized cards instantly more text message, email address, Twitter, or Facebook. You can now upload brand new cards designs that are added which have per joyful occasion. You does not have to hold back. Wade, express.

seven. Cupple

Get one of these individual sharing application specifically made to you a couple of on your iphone, ipod and you will apple ipad. You could potentially blog post pictures, include captions, sign in to locations, and maintain all of that strictly between them of you. You don’t have to value the new prying sight of the wide social networking and will show about something that you cannot insert to your greater systems particularly Facebook.

8. Ferns and you may Flower petals

Every guy at some point in his relationship has surprised his partner with a bouquet of flowers. And vice versa! The Ferns and Petals free app on Android allows you to do exactly that even when your partner isn’t in the same country. A bouquet of the traditional red roses or chocolates are now only a few clicks (and of course some money!) away.

A neat interface and some extraordinary results, this app is a must have for all of you who suffer from the long-distance syndrome. It is an extension of the F&P’s physical business that is more than a virtual florist.

nine. WeChat

WeChat is another option that couples in long distance relationships will find useful. Available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian mobile platforms, it can also be accessed from the desktop via a browser.

You can use this app to make voice calls, video calls, as well as send instant messages. To make things more exciting, you can use its Drift Bottle feature to send private messages, share photos via Moments or express yourself using the wide range of emoticons it offers.

10. Dating Lovers Restrict

Do you have trouble remembering all the significant dates in your love life, for example your anniversary? It’s a problem that many suffer from, but here is an app that helps you out in such a case.

An Android app called Relationship Lovers Counter keeps a track of how many days are left till your anniversary and scores the activities you do with your lover on a scale of 0 to 100. It even tells you if its a one-month anniversary or lijepe autohtone Nepalski Еѕene a golden jubilee.

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